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😡Critical People+😌Sensitive People: Can They Get Along? Sandy Krot will answer you how!🍀

😡Critical People+😌Sensitive People: Can They Get Along? Sandy Krot will answer you how!🍀

June 13, 2019

We are so happy to announce a new episode of Suksesspillen-The Pill of Success covering:

Critical People, Sensitive People: Can They Get Along in a business?

How Do You Handle Criticism? 

Receiving Critical Feedback with More Understanding. 

This conversation is with Sandra Krot and, as always your host Aja Humm from AH Consulting

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Sandy and Insight Principles (see  more below):


Our reality is real.

I forget that our reality is real all the time. 

We live in separate realities.

You cannot escape your thinking.

It is going to look real på you.

All culture is agreements about how life works.

Critical people:

We get so used to our thinking that we don’t notice the feeling we are in? 

We human beings get used to our feelings and become tolerant of them.

Habitual thinking that has become invisible to people.

Once you understand how your mind works you get insights that will help you.

I picked up really thick skin.

Did not notice my own critical tone.

Sensitive people also have to take a look inside and take responsibility for their own reactions. 

You are not your label.

You are not your mental habit.

You cannot give critical feedback if you are not neutral.

It takes insight to change even when we desire change.

Willpower only gets you so far...

Insight takes you the whole way!

Look out for the shift in people. Not (only) the intellectual understanding.

Synergy in a team. Best to make everybody learn about the principles of how the mind works... 

Cannot always get that, so:

As a leader, you can ask: Are you present, are you listening, you as the leader can just notice about what is happening in the room. Value the space and willingness to open up. 

If you are not the leader you can ask: Can we take a time out? Can we listen better? 

You don’t have to know and have long discussions about how your mind works. 

Listening is helpful, build synergy, being present, doing one thing at a time.

We all know when our mind works best. 

You can actually open the door, you can walk out and have a break/some air.

We all get lost from time to time.

When we stop learning, that is the problem.

Lots of material available to learn about the mind. Recommend tapping into that.

But the real learning will be your life.

Pay attention to our successes. Pay attention to when we DO see what is going on.

Sidney Banks: “You wanna see what is instead of what isn’t”

You wanna notice your successes. 

For practitioners:

For Businesses:

Other resources and books:

Please contact me if you have any questions about how the understanding of the mind could elevate your business.

Best, Aja

Women and Confidence😎👠🙅🏽‍♀️with Lana Bastianutti and Linda Ford

Women and Confidence😎👠🙅🏽‍♀️with Lana Bastianutti and Linda Ford

March 22, 2019

From the Kindle#1 Bestseller; Women and Confidence

In this podcast, we dig into the stories many women have used against themselves and that has held them back from living their life with inner freedom. 

Bastianutti and Ford began to question: why are women still suffering from a lack of confidence? Why are they still playing small? What if, all of us--including the self-help industry--have been looking in the wrong direction about how our experience of insecurity, confidence, or any other feeling state, gets created in the first place. And the bigger question: What causes true and lasting transformation?

Their book, Women and Confidence, The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves, is their answer to all of these questions. Indeed, it makes a bold and revolutionary claim--a complete 180 in fact--that confidence is not something we have to achieve, create, or exercise like a muscle, the popular advice espoused by the self-help pundits, but is actually, an innate quality every single one of us possess and not just a few lucky ones.

Learn more about their book here:

In this podcast:

Reflections about looks, “Am I looking good enough”? 

About looks: Thoughts on aging, how to cope with getting older?

The looks are changing, but there is something behind the scene is NOT changing. 

About the labels, we put on ourselves “I am fat/thin/smart/stupid etc…”

Imagine an island where cellulite is awesome…it’s just in our thinking.

Confidence is innate, it is built into us. We are not the “made up” identity we THINK we are.    

The confident woman just DOES things without all the complicated thinking.

Steps to help you feel more appreciated.

Ask for feedback, but don’t mistake it for your value. 

How to get perspective on when you are not being recognized. 

Be aware of the rules we make up for ourselves.

We make up what people think of us. 

A lot of women are struggling with the “good girl syndrome” and also with the "angry woman syndrome".

Taking the temperature of the room. 

Stop worrying about what everybody else is thinking of you. 

The imposter syndrome, it’s just a lot of thinking taking us away from who we really are. 

We live from the inside and not the other way around.

In the end, a small reminder and tip for you to take into your life! 


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are curious to know more.

With love,


Favourite Leadership Episode 💎 Robin Charbit-Invisible Power in Business

Favourite Leadership Episode 💎 Robin Charbit-Invisible Power in Business

March 10, 2019

I so much treasure this interview I had with "The Englishman in Boston" Robin Charbit in his hotel room in a beautiful resort in London where we had our Business training last year.

I decided to publish the conversation one more time. Like art, we hear something new every time and I for sure do that in this interview. In these 30 minutes of Suksesspillen-"The Pill of Success", Robin shares key elements to keep our mental well-being even in times of resistance.

We talk about:

What is our built-in design for Success?

What is innate?

How does our mental system work?

How to be brilliant (or knowing when we are not)

It does not look the same in the morning…


We are all brilliant, but only when it “shows up”

Why there is no “doing” involved, there is no technique in this understanding of the mind


The Peace Exercise:

Think of a moment you were very peaceful

Remember what qualities were available to you in that moment

( ex. Everything is possible, feeling of love etc)

Did you make them (the good feelings) happen or did they just “show up”?

Most people say “they just showed up”, so where did they come from?

They must be innate=build in (in you).


The beating of your heart is innate (just happens)

Small kids just learn

Everything is in you, you have access. You get access when you know the way the system works. 

How to get financial success

You get insights/clarity that will show you the way to go 

Insight= a moment of clear understanding or A-HA moments

Our Design for Success when you need them

A new way of thinking

Example of a team that had to raise 100 billion in 7 weeks

The biggest misunderstanding is that our feelings come from the outside ex. the stock market, a difficult client, your mother-in-law

Your thinking is what causes your feelings.

Different thoughts create a different experience

To hear my voice right now in your head- that is just happening

What happens? People start to react less to stress, "difficult" situations of people etc

The more you become aware of the internal process the less you react to the outer world and the more brilliant moments you get

When the team naturally relaxes they see 10x more solutions

Same people, same target, different understanding, different results

Unbelievable results

How to “build” self-confidence (or not)

What happens when you stop scaring yourself?

Learning about how the mind works is like riding the bicycle 

WD40 for the human mind

How to have lifelong success

Like learning to drive a car

If you have a leader who learn this it has a ripple effect

How a leader can operate with this understanding

No power outside can hurt me

I get curious if there is a problem

Leaders get very conscious about what state they themselves are in


Leadership tips on how to get No. 1:

Pay attention to the moments of peace

Notice what you are capable of in those moments

Notice those moments of peace and wisdom and realize that that's actually who you are

Want to learn more about our leadership trainings, please contact me on

instagram: Aja Humm_mindhacks


#18 English Edition 🥳 Phil Hughes “It’s all in the Mind, you know” in Business & Life

#18 English Edition 🥳 Phil Hughes “It’s all in the Mind, you know” in Business & Life

January 22, 2019

In this episode of "The pill of Success" with host Aja Humm, you get to know why losing your job could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Also, find out what can happen to your performance at work when the mind gets more still.

Enjoy listening and please rate the podcast on Itunes, that is really helpful. :-) 

My website:


Phil Hughes writer of: 

“It is all in your Mind, you know” on Amazon

Wanted to improve his Golf skills, so read:

“Stillpower” Excellence and Ease in Sports & Life by Garret Kramer

Had to do a presentation at work. Decided to just go for it and just see what happened. So it went amazing! Why? How could it have gone that well? 

He found out that nothing you can experience is beyond thought. Everything comes through thought. 

What in my life have I experienced that has not included thinking? 

Yeah. The catch is you can’t think about it. ;-)

If your thinking is not included, how is your experience being formed/included? 

DVD player metaphor

Life force-DVD player that plays the DVD

A screen where all the action takes place-consciousness

Thinking/thoughts color the pixels is the action 

How do you see this work in business? 

When I see what truths thoughts can form I more question the day to day “beliefs” I have at work and as my mind has gotten more and more quieter, I just don’t see as many problems as I used to before anymore.  

Put your reality under the microscope and challenge the truth of it.

If this really isn’t thought created, where is this coming from? What is the basis for it?   

There is only one time you can be in and that is now, there is only one place you can be in and that is here.

You are always projecting stuff. 

If we all could predict the future, we would be winning the euro lottery every week and I notice we are not. 

The truth is, we have no idea about how things are gonna turn out. 

You losing your job could be the best thing that has ever happened to you, you just have no way of knowing.  

We waste so much energy worrying about the past, worrying about the future. 

How can you do more easy on your presentations? 

When you have perfected your presentation, how many people is it perfect too?

Only ONE. That is yourself. 

Who is really to say what is good or bad? 

20 years ago I hated sushi, now I love it. Sushi hasn’t changed! 

If you meet aggression with aggression it just fuels the aggression. 

You are not what you “think”. You are not the content of your thinking. 

You are the screen on what the action plays on. 

The sun is always there even though you convince yourself otherwise. :-)

Hope you enjoyed this episode. You can also get in touch with Phil by clicking here. 

With love,


#17 English Edition🤩Mads Qwist: The secret behind *SALES* and the key differentiator in Business 2018+

#17 English Edition🤩Mads Qwist: The secret behind *SALES* and the key differentiator in Business 2018+

November 5, 2018

*Danish neighbor consultant, coach and trusted advisor Mads Quist shares in this episode of Suksesspillen his insights into the secrets on how the human mind really works in sales.*

This episode focuses on the hidden advantages of how to improve your sales. 

He shares tips to sales leadership, describing how to have a good conversation with your employees to get on track, he shares the drivers behind the scene of high performance in business.  

More about Mads:

More about Aja:

From the episode today:

The only thing between me and high performance is how I engage with my thinking in the moment.

Our human mind is always gravitating towards clarity.

Sometimes we forget to worry!

When worry passes it passes.

When I know how my mind works, I know from where to do my creative thinking, my priorities, my decision making.

From a contracted consciousness you don’t see much of the world other than your problems.

Take a step back and your consciousness expands and you see the world in the bigger picture again.

Salespeople in distress notice their decision making...

A person with a contracted mind makes bad decisions.

The system is designed in our favor 

As a leader, my most important task is to 


  1. Notice their thinking
  2. Step away from their thinking
  3. Let  clarity arise of it’s on


How you can help the person out of their negative thinking as a leader? 

How can you help the person let go of their limiting thinking? 

Pointing out fresh thinking and support them.


As a leader ask yourself:

1. Do I add troubled thinking to my salespeople?

2. Do I help them get out of bad thinking?


No matter what job you have, you will always perform to the best of your abilities from a clear mind. 


"We just get in our own way in all areas of life!"


The last two decades it has been all about






This has been the core key-differentiator in business.


The companies that have had most success over the last 20 years are companies that have lived after (yes, you got it..):






Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Banks that have gone digital...


At the same time people are more stressed and have never been more unhappy with life even though we never had more opportunities for a great life and that ALL originates in the mind. 


There is NO question that for the next decade or two the key differentiator in any business will be the ability to understand and utilize the human mind.  


Stress is something we do to ourselves in a misconception of how the mind works. 


The connection that we do with people comes from our human mind, not our intellect. 


When people and businesses start understanding the human mind they will start to see possibilities, sustainability, community, teamwork, the common good, responsibility, humility, vulnerability, all these traits.

I strongly believe that that is gonna build the next level of the future. 


And the sooner people invest in understanding and utilizing the mind, it is gonna be a competitive advantage, and also for the common good and the sustainable process. 


#16 Kjendis-coachen⚡️Roger Kvaløy fra TV2 Hva motiverer oss? Hvorfor kommer ikke motivasjon i posten?

#16 Kjendis-coachen⚡️Roger Kvaløy fra TV2 Hva motiverer oss? Hvorfor kommer ikke motivasjon i posten?

September 19, 2018

Roger Kvaløy fra og TV2 “Sykt Perfekt”

Lær mere her:

Hva er dette med work/life balance?

Feiler vi i business tror vi det er noe galt med oss.  

Det eneste som egentlig motiverer oss er å komme til eller være en god følelse= et stille sinn.. 

Motivasjon er ikke noe som kommer i posten.

Vi er en tanke unna en ny opplevelse hele tiden. 

Det å ikke være motivert er midlertidig siden alle følelser og opplevelser er midlertidig. Ofte tar vi varige beslutninger på noe som er midlertidig…! (Jeg er umotivert, lat, feig …. etc)

Hvordan skiller vi mellom midlertidige følelse og det som er varig?

ALT er midlertidig. Alle følelser er midlertidige. Vi tror de er evige, men de er det ikke. Det går over av seg selv.

Tema bytte jobb.

Fra et “stille” sinn kan det dukke opp 2 ting. 

1. Du ser at det du først trodde var problemet ikke var noe problem.

2. Du ser løsningen


Problemet er at de fleste tar avgjørelser på “lave” (problematiske/urolige) tilstander.

Hva er lave tilstander? En vond emosjonell følelse. 

En vond følelse har samme oppgave som fysisk smerte. Hvis jeg holder hånda på en varm plate, så gjør det vondt. Ergo: ikke gjør dette her. 

I dette øyeblikket skal du ikke tro på følelsen, ikke gjør noe som helst. 

Hva skjer når du får en idé om noe?

Ubehag=overtenking “Du så det klart i går og nå kom det bare usikre tanker inn som lager støy”. Stol på det du så i går. 


Når er vi oss selv? 


Hvordan vet vi at vi ser klart eller bare ser symptomet og ikke årsaken og løsningen?

Hva skjer når jeg blir bekymret? 

Ja, så er jeg bekymret da! 

“Nå må jeg ikke være nervøs”

Mot handler ikke om å være uredd, det handler om å gå videre selv om du er redd…

Hva gjør man når man ikke vet hva man skal si?

Hva er et stille sinn og hvordan kommer jeg dit? 

Vi har en greie på at alt utenom det vi har i hodet er utenfor vår kontroll. 

Det er ingenting galt...

Hva er galt med DETTE øyeblikket.

Når vi slite rmed noe er det alltid noe med fortiden eller fremtiden.

Undertrykte følelser er også funnet på. 

Samme eksterne hendelse kan gi forskjellige følelser. 

Det kommer fra tankene dine i øyeblikket og den formen du er i der og da. 

Vi prøver å fikse ting som egentlig fungerer. 

#15 English edition Natasha Swerdloff 🇩🇰 Where do great results come from? Where to look for your highest potential in Business?

#15 English edition Natasha Swerdloff 🇩🇰 Where do great results come from? Where to look for your highest potential in Business?

August 27, 2018

Natasha Swerdloff is living in a beautiful house outside of Copenhagen and has a background as an NLP trainer, Psychotherapist, Copenhagen Business School, Systemic tests and more. She has run her own successful business for the last 23 years now. 


In this podcast we cover;


Where do great results come from? 


How does the mind work? 


It has to do with seeing for yourself that who you are in essence is not your thinking or your role or your beliefs about yourself. 


Everything that you think is your identity is your thoughts. It’s not who you really are…


The more you are engaging yourself in thinking, it is almost like you are covering up who you really are…and then that does not come out…


Your true potential is lying in seeing your true nature. 


Today I should be called “the pointer”…! 


Your true nature IS effective, taking ownership, productive, joyful, compassionate with other people when I am not covering who I am with my thinking…


The secret of how to take ownership. 


Finding your true self is also finding your personal power and what you are in the world to create.


What to do when you are in a job you don’t enjoy?


Thinking is good for 3 things:


  1. They see their thinking has been covering the joy.
  2. Thinking is good to first discover how the mind works.
  3. Thought is great just for celebrating life. Planning trips, get things done etc.


Thinking is a beautiful tool, but often we misuse it and it gets dark…


Real-life story…Female Manager.  


..Experience life as it is with ought getting in your own way!


What happens when you are only present in the now? 


Wisdom in Business is really our common sense and not all the time listen to our inner chatter, rather just letting it be. 


Is it too good to be true? 


It is heartwarming to see that people can live much fuller lives, much easier lives. 


Side effects in personal life too…


Real life experience with a bank investor and what happens to him. 

From being a bullying and being forced coaching (or getting fired) to seeing something totally new.


The rubber ball effect and the secret to the end of stress…


Natasha’s cool train metaphor! 


How to become more efficient.


“I have a deadline today”…etc… 


How to deal with Danish Business People (or any other nation) ;-)


We all want the same thing….every single person in the world wants the same thing. 


Natasha’s book on Amazon:




My website:


#14 English Edition 🌋Cathy Casey- Have you ever feared loosing your job/money/house/partner/kids? Learn about “The Bag Lady Syndrom” and how to fix it!

#14 English Edition 🌋Cathy Casey- Have you ever feared loosing your job/money/house/partner/kids? Learn about “The Bag Lady Syndrom” and how to fix it!

July 26, 2018

Catherine Casey

Catherine is currently implementing a Resiliency Program in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose, CA, one of the largest public hospitals in the United States.

Many of the environments that Catherine has worked with include:
Fortune 500 Corporations, i.e.: Dow Chemical, BAE Defense Systems, Chlorox, Boston Scientific. Medical Centers, State and County Government, Adult and Juvenile Criminal Justice Systems (including San Quentin Prison), Educational Institutions( Elementary through College), Psychiatric Residential Facilities, Addiction Treatment Programs.

Catherine’s passion and vision are to reignite the resiliency and wisdom in all persons in any environment.

Catherine currently lives in San Jose, California.


The Bag Lady effect


My worst fear: End up as a bag lady out on the street, under the bridge like a bag lady. 


Now I just know I would end on my feet.


We all have this capacity to land on our feet and be resilient.


Imagine the weight you are carrying around with all this fear. 


When my fear about my son vanished, it was such a different energy. 

“I have to worry about my son”


“I need to worry”


That takes a lot of mental energy.


Like a fish in water.

We don't see how much stress we are in/so much thinking. 


Trust you have the presence, so you know what is important.  


It's more realizing that you are not present.


Thought and feelings are connected.


Mental multitasking-your mind is somewhere else.


We are all caught up in our little worlds.


I would want me brain sergeant to be as present as possible. 


It’s all about where your mind is. 100%


Coping takes a lot of mental energy. Rather “I just have too much going on in my mind right now…”


The source of my experience comes from the inside. 


I was good at getting things done. 


“This job is stressing me out” and then I would change my job. 


It was where my mind was, not the job. The joke was on me. Like chasing my tail. 


Sheryl Sandberg “Lean In” All the stuff you have in your head is holding you back. 

You are sitting on limitless capacity, wisdom. 


Fearless. You have the capacity to figure things out. You are OK with making mistakes.


Being fearless is going flat on your face and then brushing off the dust and getting up again.


Called in the Director of nursing in the Hospital after the head of the department had committed suicide. 


“What do you want for your nurses?”


What happens to nurses that they get less resilient. 


Fearless: confidence and certainty that you will bounce back! 


Listen from a different place. 


For yourself:


Notice in a conversation if you are in your own mind or listening to them. Does your mind 


How often do you let somebody just speak with ought “doing” anything? Wait even with asking a new question. That gives you connection and impact.

Had to come “out of Cathy”. 

Don’t assume you understand. Ask “what do you mean ex. about anxiety”. 


What happened to the businesswomen that were scared of ending up on the street..?


 If you see that state of mind is running the show it will have a huge impact in your life. 


Don’t worry about your state of mind as much as you APPRECIATE and have COMPASSION for yourself because that is humanity. The more we have compassion for ourselves is probably the most important thing. Then we can take care of anything outside of ourselves. That is probably the most important. 


Just seeing that I am not present helps me get present. 



#13🔥Pierre Jarlskog-hvorfor sunn fornuft og enkelhet er helt rått i business og i livet generelt!

#13🔥Pierre Jarlskog-hvorfor sunn fornuft og enkelhet er helt rått i business og i livet generelt!

July 11, 2018

Denne podden er ment som en inspirasjon for veien til din personlige og jobbmessige SUKSESS og psykologisk FRIHET. 

Podcasthost er jeg, Aja Humm og i denne episoden snakker jeg med Pierre Jarlskog, serieentrepreneør, Avdelingsleder i EuroFinans, Coach og har sin egen Pod Insiktspodden. Her i samtale via en Skype call fra Sverige. 

Selv sitter jeg, Aja i Sveits og lyden bærer litt preg av avstanden, men jeg har valgt å tenke at INNHOLDET er så bra (Pierre er fantstisk inspirerende og klok), slik at selve lyden får spille “annenfiolin” ;-)!


Lær mere om Pierre på: Insiktspodden og

Se mere om Aja på:


Fra innesluttet skillsmissebarn til ekstrovert partyteen til fyllekjøring og full stopp og dom som 19 åring. 


Hør om Pierres mentale reise og utvikling og hva han kom frem til etter intens søken etter å finne seg selv.


Fant en mail av en gammel venn, en coach der han hadde skrevet opp en del bok-tips! Ble nysgjerrig…Ble veldig nyskjerrig.


400 bøker på 4 år, 35 kurs og utdanninger innen coaching, samt en jobb i finans og veldedighetsarbeid for andre unge, som hadde mistet seg selv.


Hvorfor er det så naturlig (og bra) å (stadig) mislykkes? 


Hvorfor hadde han fått tildelt alle brikkene, men fikk de ikke til å stemme sammen? 


Leste “The Enlightened Gardener” av Sidney Banks

Hva var forskjellen med denne boken og hva var det som gradvis endret seg?  


Hvordan endret han forholdet til sine tanker? 


Hvordan kunne han hjelpe en 15 åring og en 55 årig leder i næringslivet allerede som 22-åring? 


Hva skjer når du igjen krasjer i en stor, altoppslukende kjærlighetssorg? 


Hva mener han med å fylle tomrommet og hvorfor fikk han det ikke til å “funke”? 


Ingen kan elske meg.


Utsatte meg for mere plager.


Det kan ikke være damene som gjør dette mot meg, jeg begynte å innse dette. Det var heller ikke stjernene som stod feil plassert ;-). 


Det var en hovedperson her: meg. Jeg hadde en bit å gjøre i min egen ulykke. Begynte å se innover. Og begynte å få det bedre. Søkte inn til kjernen. 


I fjor foreleste han for 2000 personer og har coachet 50 ungdommer for at de skal få det bedre i skolen. Har utviklet seg gradvis.


Livet er ikke så farlig. Du er heller ikke dyktig på noen ting i starten. Alt må øves på. Jeg har mislykkes utrolig mange ganger også i kjærligheten. 


Kollektiv intelligens = “sunn fornuft”.


Vi går jo ikke rundt og er deprimerte hele dagen, men vi kan ha vanskelige tanker. 


Hva er sunn fornuft?


Det er ofte det enkleste svaret. Eller at du “tror” på det du sier. Det ser rett ut i stunden-uten stolthet. 

Det er kanskje enklere å vite når vi IKKE prater/føler sunn fornuft! 


Hvordan har hans fokus på enkelhet og sunn fornuft hatt en så tydelig impact på familiebedriften Eurofinans, en av Sveriges suksesshistorier, som omsetter for 10 milliarder i året (og skal øke med 20% i 2018)?


Han har ansvar for all kundebehandling og strategisk arbeid og er størst i Sverige og Finland på fakturakjøp. 


Kundemagi, som bidrar til vår suksess:


  1. Få kunden til å føle seg sett.
  2. Ikke ta kunden for gitt.
  3. Ikke vær beskjeden med å ta betalt. 
  4. Se til å være rask med å kommunisere/svare en kunde. 


5 minutters “time-out” har alle tid til. 


Er det (føles det) ikke enkelt er det mest sannsynlig ikke bra. 

Vent til tankene roer seg, så finner du løsningene. 


Jeg prater alltid med hjertet på mine forelesninger. 

“You can’t change your thinking with more thinking!”


“Jeg er det største usikre assholet jeg kjenner hvis jeg skulle trodd på alt jeg tenker.” 


5 minutters “time-out” har alle tid til, så tankene får tid til å klarne.

5 dype pust. Gå en tur. 


Finnes sikkert folk som er enda bedre på å mislykkes enn meg….


Hvis jeg får veldig trang til å måtte endre på noe, så tar jeg en pause. Lar det ligge og så kommer jeg tilbake og ser på det på nytt. Gjør jeg noe dumt, så prøver jeg å rette på det så fort som mulig. 


Oppleves det komplisert, har du tenkt for mye. 


Lett for oss mennesker å tro at man ikke kan rette/reparere på ting. 


Ansvar for 12.000 kunder. Og flere avdelinger kommer til oss for å få visdom. Roen vi har og den sunne fornuften smitter. 


Hvis du ikke stresser deg opp, så smitter den roen over på andre. 


Nå ser også de andre kraften av sunn fornuft. Vi er bare mennesker alle sammen. Vi er mennesker alle sammen. 


Tips til en sint kunde. 


Se hva vi selv kunne trengt. 


De du ringer ser ikke at de er irriterte. Vær mere ydmyk, det kunne vært deg. Det er et menneske, som fungerer på samme måte som deg.


Kast ikke bensin på ilden og ikke ta ting personlig. 


Ser det ikke enkelt ut, gå en tur og se på det en gang til. 


Du kan være FOR “investert” i det du er involvert i, slik at du ikke ser klart. Ta prosjektene dine på alvor, men med en sunn distanse.


Allting er under konstant utvikling. Ha en viss ydmykhet til prosessen. 



#12🎶En dirigents bekjennelser. Møt Torodd Wigum, klassisk rebell og symfonisk dirigent i dyptgående intervju med Aja. Om å være en god lagleder, om ekthet, tillit og mye mer.

#12🎶En dirigents bekjennelser. Møt Torodd Wigum, klassisk rebell og symfonisk dirigent i dyptgående intervju med Aja. Om å være en god lagleder, om ekthet, tillit og mye mer.

May 26, 2018

Møt Trondhjemmeren Torodd Wigum; klassisk rebell, #sniksymfoniker og symfonisk dirigent. 

Om å være en god lagleder, om ekthet, tillit og mye mer.   

Ikke hver dag du møter en dirigent, som også er bannlyst fra VG nett pga linker til klassiske musikkstykker! Hvem er denne allsidige trønderen?


Hvorfor startet du med musikk Torodd? 


Født i 1970, så heldig med timingen. Musikkskolen i Trondheim var i full gang, så mamma tok meg med på mini-fiolin.


Bevisste valg kom senere i livet. 


Alle vet hvor fælt det høres ut i starten på mini fiolin. Ikke lett når du er voksen.  


Start på NTNU etter å ha gått på Naturfaglinje.  Men det føltes veldig feil å velge bort musikken. Dukket opp et savn. Veldig. Det gjorde at det ble musikken allikevel. 


Hva var det i deg som gjorde at du valgte å lytte til “magefølelsen”?


Savnet miljøet og valgte å følge hjertet…


Fra å jobbe som bratsjist i Trondheim Symfoniorkester til å Dirigere det samme orkesteret! Se YouTubeklipp her:


Det å dirigere var den innerste drømmen fra gammelt av! 


Hvorfor ville du bli dirigent? Er det pga all makten? Nei, det som trigget meg mest og også i dag er det store formatet og alle folk som er involvert med bokstavlig talt hver sin stemme, men alt skal treffe i en større helhet. Det er både spennende og utfordrende til å få mange til å yte på høyest mulig nivå sammen og så er det mye vakker symbolikk slik som samspillet.


-Hvordan få folk til å yte på høyest mulig nivå sammen”?


Hvordan kan du lede over 100 mennesker i samme retning? 


Det har endret seg oppigjennom historien. Var før veldig autoritært. 


1. Forberedelse. Forbered deg så godt som mulig slik at du er trygg på det du skal gjøre og har ideer om den musikken du skal lede. Vær klar og tydelig, så får du en første respekt. 

2. Vær ærlig og vær deg selv. Autentisk. Ikke prøv å vær noe annet enn du er for du blir avslørt og da får du ikke komme tilbake. Da vil de ikke ha deg. 

3. Du må tro på det du driver med og det henger også sammen med forberedelse. 

4. Du må huske at spisskompetansen sitter på hvert instrument i orkesteret! Du har en gjeng som har en kompetanse på sitt felt, som du ikke er i nærheten av å ha selv, men du skal forvalte summen av den kompetansen på best mulig måte for et best mulig resultat for de som utøver og for å tilfredstille kunden (publikum). Det er jo målet med “produktet”.


Hva er det du egentlig deler eller “gir”? Hva er produktet? Jeg deler både en kulturarv og en opplevelse. Musikk har alltid eksistert og er derfor et universelt språk, som går på tvers av religioner og etnisitet. Derfor så viktig. 


Torodd ble årets kulturpersonlighet i Trondheim- UT Awards 2016


Hva er #sniksymfonisering? Og hva har Trump med dette å gjøre? 


På valgdagen i USA fant jeg ikke noe ord, som kunne beskrive det jeg følte…


Postet et Mozart stykke på facebook og ble blokkert! Det skal sies det var et 6. stemming mannskor stykke, som het (oversatt fra tysk): “Kiss my ass.” 


Torodd er fortsatt utestengt av VG nett pga sniksymfonisering!


Refleksjoner rundt hvilket språk musikk er og kan være.


Allsang på Stortinget, musikk i skolen…


Hvordan kan vi overføre det å dirigere et orkester til ledelse i næringslivet? 


Det var en gang en verdensberømt engelsk dirigent som sa at en dirigent trenger:


90% psykologi og menneskeforståelse/menneskebehandling

8%  det faglige, musikkunnskap

2%  slagteknikk


Den som slår tydeligst er ikke nødvendigvis den beste dirigenten. På langt nær. 


Et symfoniorkester er i norsk målestokk en storbedrift, som sitter i åpent landskap.


Du må behandle medarbeiderne/musikerne bra og du må kreve også og det er kanskje noe av det jeg har slitt mest med. 

På en annen side, hvis du bare kjefter og er autoritær, så får du ingen med deg til slutt. 


Det er jo lagledelse, det å få flest mulig til å yte best mulig! 


Hva sier Torodd om tillit og hvordan henter han tillit? 


Må være fra hjertet det da. :)

Evner du å gi tillit, så får du tillit, evner du å gi respekt, så får du respekt. Gir du kjærlighet, så får du jo tilbake. Det er jo litt sånn. Det må være ekte og ærlig, du må ikke spille en rolle. Du kan ikke gi bort noe du ikke har. 


Sniksymfonisering: #sniksymfonisering 

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