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Free 28 min. healing meditation body & mind from a LIVE Zoom 1:1 session 💻👉🏾😌

Free 28 min. healing meditation body & mind from a LIVE Zoom 1:1 session 💻👉🏾😌

October 18, 2021

We can all need a bit of extra care and attention to our bodies that carry us around all day and that constantly are exposed to inner and outer challenges and stressors. 🫀

With these 28 relaxing minutes you will be able to RESET your body and mind. You can also use this episode to fall asleep at night if you have troubles sleeping or resting your thoughts. 💭 😇

I recorded this from a session with one of my dear international clients. Everything I say is done 100% intuitively and spontaneous. No script what-so-ever. 🪴

If you are interested in my work and would like to book a consultation with me, you can send me an email on and we take it from there. ✨

As always, with love and strength



☎️Call back you energy💡free 10 min visualization

☎️Call back you energy💡free 10 min visualization

September 22, 2020

📲Tune in to this awesome short episode from Aja Humm and download a powerful free 10 min meditation to "Call back your energy" after a day at work or after a busy week.

👉🏽👉🏽If you like to go right to the visualization, head to 4.25 min

Regain your energy from endless Teams/Zoom calls or other matters and as a shift from your work-day🤹🏽‍♀️ to your private-time. 🧘🏻‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️🌯

Many of us right now are more bound to hour home spheres and therefore we don't get the visual "shift" from office/workspace to the home environment. So...

This short visualization will help your body and mind to center and regain balance in a healthy way (without the booze or other stimulants) AND create a shift. ⚖️

Do this on a chair with headphones on. To get the most out of the 10 min, be sure to listen to the previous "Grounding meditation" episode first. ✅

Please share to a friend that could need some support and rate on Podcaster. Thank you🧚🏻‍♂️

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✔️in english 10 min morning grounding meditation to set your day 🔜 🖼

✔️in english 10 min morning grounding meditation to set your day 🔜 🖼

September 14, 2020

Honestly...This simple yet powerful visualization has transformed my grounding throughout the day. No kidding. 💎

As you go along with the images, see what intuitively comes up for you. 

For me, I could not find the center of the earth (you need to do it once to follow me here..), so I really had huge insights and transformation to myself when I discovered this. Somehow, I had left my "center" 40 years ago in my birth country Switzerland.

Pretty strange, but now I understand why I somehow did not feel 100% at home in my current country, beautiful Norway...

Luckily, this changed this year and so it is never too late to see something new and beneficial in life. This counts for you too my friend! 🙏🏻

Curious to learn more and have private sessions with me?

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PS. You can always during the day hook your grounding cord down to the center of the earth if you feel you are somehow a bit out of balance, needing extra security, or just wanna feel and be more grounded. Experiment and you will find your way! Have fun. 🙈🔜😍


🌹My tribute🎻 to belated Ennio Morricone. Gabriel´s oboe from The Mission

🌹My tribute🎻 to belated Ennio Morricone. Gabriel´s oboe from The Mission

July 8, 2020

This week, the whole world is honoring one of the most sought-after film composers Ennio Morricone.

2 weeks ago, I played one of his most popular songs; Gabriel's Oboe in a church in Norway. I recorded our quick practice session with my iPhone just to have for myself but decided to share it with you and the world too. 🎻

No professional recording what-so-ever, just an everyday practice before performing somewhere in a church or event. Hope you enjoy it. 😇🥰

Don't hesitate of course if you also want me to come to play for your gathering, event, or party. 🎶🤎🎶 

👩‍👧‍👧Never hurt another woman, help her.👩‍👧‍👧Life-changing conversation featuring Christine Vulimu from Nairobi, Kenya. 🌳

👩‍👧‍👧Never hurt another woman, help her.👩‍👧‍👧Life-changing conversation featuring Christine Vulimu from Nairobi, Kenya. 🌳

May 27, 2020

I, Aja Humm your host of "The Pill of Success podcast" am delighted to share this conversation with the world today.🌍 Be sure to bring a tissue.🥰

Thanks to everyone that have made this connection and friendship possible. 

Sharon, Marianna, Frans and more...

Christine once said that "We are all in this together. We are just one big family in a Global Village". That really touched me to tears. 

I so much love that. So now dear Village, enjoy listening and hopefully, you also will get new insight and inspiration to pass-it-on. Whatever good you choose to pass on! 😃👊🏻✅

In this heartfelt ❤️ and deep episode, Christine Vulimu shares her strong, heroic story and her mission in life that is to get the world to:

Help one woman.

One girl and one woman at the time can change a whole community.

Never hurt another woman. 

Empowering communities through the education of girls, so they can change the culture of child marriage and FGM from the inside. Helping women in their daily struggles to meet ends and end domestic violence. 

From the podcast:

How she came through education.

I knew in my heart I wanted to be a teacher. 

Marriage was not the safe haven I had foreseen...

I have to take care of my children with my twins that are one healthy and one mentally challenged. 

Something took me to the general hospital that was a free family planning clinique. (Not free anymore!)

Just sitting on the bench outside the hospital.

I see my former principle from my high school. 

What are you doing?

I want to be a teacher. 

In two weeks you go check if your name is there...and it was!!

I had to leave my children behind for 2 years. Almost 700 km away and told the father “I am going to school”. No discussion. 

I made myself busy so I wouldn't hear the screams by missing my children on my inside because if I did I would not be able to focus and succeed.

My first job was in the slum. 

The story about the boy that had a crushed thumb. 

The day I finished my probation I left. 

I got a job in a private school and worked there for 25y.

Every year I was meeting different children.

Every single year I would write a personal note to every child so that in my mind I am understanding all the individuals sitting behind the desk. 

We would be able to bond. And the parents bought in because of the personal note. 

I would visit every single home and from there I would know if there is a special need for them. 

To all the children: I am interested in you as a person.

No bullying

Don’t talk anybody down

When you get to this school we are equal

Nobody is above another person

You are sitting where you are sitting because you begin with the letter A. We are positioning you alphabetically, not by your performance. 

Then I looked for what to award for the children so that everybody has something great for them.  

Every year we would pick a gift for one student.

The note: You will surprise yourself.

“Teacher, see I have surprised myself”

Every year I randomly pick a girl to help. Otherwise she will be married away. 

The story about the girl Dockas. 


Final wisdom:

I get to be OK with what is.

Curious about working with me or other questions?

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Insta: Instagram Aja Humm TuneInLabs

From an article about Christine and a talk she gave in The Daily Nation in Kenya: 

"I believe it’s time we flushed out our emotional baggage and built healthy families so that we’ll be able to face the world and fulfill our destinies.

Usually, whenever a guest speaker stands up to share, we assume they’ll read out a typed speech so bias creeps in, then selective attention, and possibly a catnap, but this one was different.

It was one of those talks, not speeches, that touch the core and provoke you to go out and make a difference.

Mrs. Christine Vulimu, a teacher for more than 27 years, shared on “emotional energy”. What struck me about Christine was her frankness.

She hid nothing about herself and bared it all for us to understand how emotional backlog affects parenting.

“I have taught sexually and physically abused children, some whose thumbs were crushed because some coins went missing from home,” Christine said. “One time, I had a boy in my class whose uniform was always dirty, and when I enquired, he said his mum left with a man together with his little sister, and they abandoned him because he was ‘too big’. There had been no water at home for seven months because it had been disconnected.”

What can we learn from a cancer survivor that can help us right now?🌈 Listen to life changing insights from todays guest Lars M Fogtmann🌈

What can we learn from a cancer survivor that can help us right now?🌈 Listen to life changing insights from todays guest Lars M Fogtmann🌈

April 12, 2020

Does cancer and the corona pandemic have anything in common? No. Not really. But there is one common denominator and that is our mind our psyche. How we think about a crisis. How we feel. 🌿

Learn from Lars M. Fogtmann's personal story of how to deal with the psychological stress around cancer in this episode of Suksesspillen. ☀️

What really happened to the 47-year-old Danish leadership coach and trainer Lars Myndal Fogtmann 3 years ago? 

Host Aja Humm in conversation with Lars Myndal Fogtmann. 

Learn more about Aja here: Norwegian site  English:


Lars is the father of 5 kids that he has together with his beautiful wife and business partner Dorthe. 

Lars and his wife came over a new understanding of how the mind works for us about 7 years ago and that helped them tremendously when Lars was diagnosed with cancer. 

It started with a lump in my neck. 

Lars shares his story. How he communicated with his wife and 5 children. He shares openly what thoughts went through his head in the initial days and also in the process of healing. 

Listen to what happened to Lars on the way home from the hospital. What went through his head. 

He could see:

The cancer was physical in his body

The thinking was psycologically in his mind

He did not have to mix those two anymore, so his mind cleared up. 


“It was only my “thinking” about cancer” that caused my troubled feelings. 


The kids could see that the parents were calm about cancer and they also stayed calm and confident. We were very honest with the kidds about the process and what was going on. 


We were not emotionally charged about it, so the kids were not either. 


If we are in a good state of mind when we talk about things, then everything is easier.


Also with the corona crisis. 


Friends and family said, “just think positive”. But then I had to create an illusion that was not mine. For me, it was much easier to just sit down and just see the floating thoughts, the thoughts that goes through me. 

“Oh, there was a new thought, and there is one other new thought”. 


A thought is there a split second, and there is another new thought and a new thought and a new thought….


Help for overcoming overwhelm: 

Just see it for what it is, a thought in the moment. 


For example, I may think: “I may be dying”…that is not happening now, that is something that is going on in the future that I really don’t know.


Every worries or fear I have for the future is not real, it is not happening now. 


…the only thing that connects the past to right now is my thinking in the moment…. 


…don't believe your thoughts…


…if I have to control my thoughts it is a lot of hard work…


…it’s easier just to lean back and see that it “just” is thinking going on right now, nothing more…


…there is so much more ease and lightness if you see it is thinking, you can react to it, but you don’t have to…


…when you are under stress, you only see part of the puzzle, you just see one piece…


What do I have to do to find calm again?


You don’t have to do anything. Because we come from calm, ease. 


Go for a walk in the forest, have a coffe, take a shower.


It’s not a “doing” thing, it’s a being thing.


We are not human “doings” we are human “beings”. 


It’s so much easier to just be in what is!


For me, with cancer, my body could use its energy to heal, not to fix my worried thinking. 


We coud see what was right for us in the family. 


It was for us the same to talk about cancer than it was to talk about coffee with my wife and that really helped me a lot. 


My wife knows that life has our backs always and will have a way for us. 


Lars’ last tips to you and your life:


Go live your lives and be present. Take a pause sometimes and go for a walk and see what floats in you. 


🖼Hvor henter Roar Kjærnstad, en av Norges råeste kunstnere kraften sin fra?

🖼Hvor henter Roar Kjærnstad, en av Norges råeste kunstnere kraften sin fra?

November 9, 2019

Podcasthost Aja Humm fra i innsiktsfull samtale med en av norges største og råeste nålevende billedkunstnere; Roar Kjærnstad. 

Følg Roar på og insta: @kjern_art

Følg Aja på insta: @ajahumm_tuneinlabs

Lyst til å lære mere om hva TuneInLabs tilbyr, kontakt Aja på 41023153 eller 

Denne samtalen fikk meg, Aja til å reflektere på så mye forskjellig fra mitt eget liv og min egen prosess og historie. Hvordan var uttrykket mitt i 20-årene i forhold til i dag? HVordan er det jeg skaper ut ifra et "blankt ark" og det positive med å ha noen faste rammer for å nettopp kunne lage noe stort var ting som sitter igjen i meg. God lytting! 


Perler på en snor!

Den kreative prosessen

Brikkene skal bygges litt underveis

Begynner med blanke ark

Begynner fra en grunn-idé og så dikter man videre

Først idé, så kommer historien etterhvert

Brikkene skal også bygges litt underveis

Hvorfor har jeg valgt det på “den” måten? Liker å bryte opp historien.


Utfordre flaten


Har en fast ramme som jeg opererer på

Det er en hjelp. Du disponerer flaten du har valgt

Formatet du har må du disponere 

Du har en lekegrind du har til rådighet

Vi må ikke tenke på begrensningen som en selvfølge

Når man har passion for en ting fører det ofte med seg noe annet

Alle ting er avhengig av hverandre

Det å skape kommer av seg selv, men det har veldig mye motstand i seg også

En idé er bare et springbrett til noe

Drømmen om å bli kunstner må du ha kontaktmed deg selv

Du må leve MED det å være kunstner


Jeg visste ikke som 15 åring at jeg skulle bli billedkunstner, men bakerst i hodet ville jeg

Kom etterhvert ut av “kunstnerskapet”

Jobbet på Munch museet, følte jeg kom hjem

Kunst handler om metafysikk-det er noe som ER, men ikke kan ta på. En motstand som ligger der og ta tak i den og ta den til deg.

Den kraften du skal hente må du hente fra et sted. Den ligger ute der, den ligger i rommet 

Hvor får du ideer fra?

Det metafysiske er kraften som er rundt meg og få den inn

Kraften er alltid med meg. Jeg bare vet at den er der 

Det er opp til meg hvordan jeg henter den inn

Naturens ytre skjønnhet tror jeg ikke så mye på. Den må brukes til noe. For meg er det helt uinteressant for det er det og sånn ser det ut. Hvis det gir en kraft, så er den der 

Er en figurativ maler og har fragmenter fra naturen

Det er alltid et håp om å nå det uoppnåelige

Vet ikke helt hvordan formen på målet ser ut

For 20 år siden var målet å strebe etter noe som man kunne måle. Mere et bilde uten innhold

Viktigheten av film

Helse er alfa omega

Hvordan greier du å trene så jevnt?

Hvem maler du for?

Kos er sjelden

Stemningen rundt når jeg tegnet som barn kunne være kos

En stemme som ikke kom frem

Gjorde det ikke for anerkjennelse

Kunsten var som en prestasjon for meg inn i 20-årene. Prestasjon for meg selv 

Trine Formoe (Folmoe?) betydde mye for meg

Traff mange flotte mennsker.

Selvportrettene var de som kom meg nærmest som kunstner.

Se på Rembrandt sine selvportretter og tradisjonen i å male seg selv i forskjellige uttrykk. 

De menneskelige sidene kommer veldig frem hos ham. 

Det er der du vil komme som kunstner, dypt inn i noe. 

Se hver enkelts kvalitet og målsetninger uavhengig av egenskepene til de andre i rommet. 

♠️Magiker&Mentalist Labib Malik-HverdagsMagi, Døden og Hemmeligheten bak hans Suksess

♠️Magiker&Mentalist Labib Malik-HverdagsMagi, Døden og Hemmeligheten bak hans Suksess

October 9, 2019

Host Aja Humm i er så heldig å presentere Labib Malik på Suksesspillen. Labib ble kjent over natten på Norske Talenter 2017 der han sjokkerte alle med sine fantastiske, magiske evner. Se også hysterisk klipp fra God Morgen Norge ! 

Labib er nå aktuell med eget show på The Thief, "The Heist"-Tyveriet. Billettene ble revet vekk på få timer. Labib ruler og har tatt Norge med storm.

Du vil garantert bli inspirert av dette  åpne, ærlige og innsiktsfulle intervjuet og forhåpentligvis se verden på en litt annen (og bedre!) måte etter disse 44 minuttene sammen:

Vi snakker om...

Han har gått dundrende konkurs 3-4 ganger 

Nådde drømmene sine og tenkte; jøss var det alt? Automatisk ble det en tomhet

Siste 2 år har han endret tankegangen sin, nytt mindset ift mål

Vet han når målet, men på en annerledes og bedre måte

Veien til målet er nå viktigere

Mere i nuen enn bare noen år tilbake

Må være i nuet, må være tilstede i meg selv, for å nå alle menneskene i salen

Politikere er flink til å gi (falske)illusjoner 

Jeg er iallefall ærlig med at det er en illusjon

Hva kan krydre hverdagen?

Prøv noe nytt! 

Helt vanlig dag. Gjør noe ut av den dagen! Da kommer du ut av en sirkel, et mønster. 

Skrape opp en CD. Som om CD'en er mine gamle mønster. Jeg gjør det ofte med meg selv. 

Memento Mori:

Husk at du skal dø

En form for nedtelling 

Samler på kortstokker

Åpner ny kortstokk på nyttårsaften

Tør å ta sjanser, har noe å leve opp til

Mindre redd for hva andre tenker om meg nå, men veldig åpen for tilbakemeldinger

Jeg forbedrer meg og det jeg gjør hele tiden

Har de beste triksene nederst på lista mi og så bygger jeg nye triks oppå og inspirert av dem. 


Hadde vi ikke hatt teknologi hadde vi vært ute og jaktet

Sylnummer, basert på frykt og intuisjon. Ingen vet egentlig hvor sylen er. 

Fiskekroknummer på Alex sushi (hjelp!!!)

For å trene opp intuisjonen må du gjøre disruptive ting i hverdagen.#hverdagsmagi

Historien bak hvordan showet på The Thief ble til. 

Tror du på Gud? 

Hva er Gud? 

Jeg er født muslim, men jeg tror på alt, jeg tror på alle

Alle har sin måte å tilnærme seg Gud på. 

Disruptive i New York

Jeg var veldig redd for å slutte i fast stilling, men tryggheten er en illusjon den også

Deres jobb er like usikker som min

Vi har ingen trygghet

Valgte å ikke gå til NAV

"Falsk" trygghet

Hvilket råd gir du Labib 19 år gammel?


Hvis du ikke har passion, så spiller det ingen rolle

Du må være obsessed av en idé for å kunne skape noe

Iverksetter energi

Kunne skape elektriske støt på kommando

Livet vi lever er en drøm

Kjenneteg for drøm, vi er i livet og er på vei til…

Har mulighet til å manipulere den verden jeg lever i

Korttriks som skapte nye og bedre drømmer

Dype innsikter 

Kjent med Labib som menneske 

Labib om kjendislivet

Vil bli kjent for noe jeg brenner for

Hva er det du brenner for å gi:

Å vise at det finnes en verden der det umulige kan skjer og blir virkelighet

Alt jeg skal gjøre handler om å bygge meg videre og la noe være igjen for andre

Jeg ønsker å bli husket på en god måte


😡Critical People+😌Sensitive People: Can They Get Along? Sandy Krot will answer you how!🍀

😡Critical People+😌Sensitive People: Can They Get Along? Sandy Krot will answer you how!🍀

June 13, 2019

We are so happy to announce a new episode of Suksesspillen-The Pill of Success covering:

Critical People, Sensitive People: Can They Get Along in a business?

How Do You Handle Criticism? 

Receiving Critical Feedback with More Understanding. 

This conversation is with Sandra Krot and, as always your host Aja Humm from AH Consulting

Please connect on LinkedIn for updates:


Sandy and Insight Principles (see  more below):


Our reality is real.

I forget that our reality is real all the time. 

We live in separate realities.

You cannot escape your thinking.

It is going to look real på you.

All culture is agreements about how life works.

Critical people:

We get so used to our thinking that we don’t notice the feeling we are in? 

We human beings get used to our feelings and become tolerant of them.

Habitual thinking that has become invisible to people.

Once you understand how your mind works you get insights that will help you.

I picked up really thick skin.

Did not notice my own critical tone.

Sensitive people also have to take a look inside and take responsibility for their own reactions. 

You are not your label.

You are not your mental habit.

You cannot give critical feedback if you are not neutral.

It takes insight to change even when we desire change.

Willpower only gets you so far...

Insight takes you the whole way!

Look out for the shift in people. Not (only) the intellectual understanding.

Synergy in a team. Best to make everybody learn about the principles of how the mind works... 

Cannot always get that, so:

As a leader, you can ask: Are you present, are you listening, you as the leader can just notice about what is happening in the room. Value the space and willingness to open up. 

If you are not the leader you can ask: Can we take a time out? Can we listen better? 

You don’t have to know and have long discussions about how your mind works. 

Listening is helpful, build synergy, being present, doing one thing at a time.

We all know when our mind works best. 

You can actually open the door, you can walk out and have a break/some air.

We all get lost from time to time.

When we stop learning, that is the problem.

Lots of material available to learn about the mind. Recommend tapping into that.

But the real learning will be your life.

Pay attention to our successes. Pay attention to when we DO see what is going on.

Sidney Banks: “You wanna see what is instead of what isn’t”

You wanna notice your successes. 

For practitioners:

For Businesses:

Other resources and books:

Please contact me if you have any questions about how the understanding of the mind could elevate your business.

Best, Aja

Women and Confidence😎👠🙅🏽‍♀️with Lana Bastianutti and Linda Ford

Women and Confidence😎👠🙅🏽‍♀️with Lana Bastianutti and Linda Ford

March 22, 2019

From the Kindle#1 Bestseller; Women and Confidence

In this podcast, we dig into the stories many women have used against themselves and that has held them back from living their life with inner freedom. 

Bastianutti and Ford began to question: why are women still suffering from a lack of confidence? Why are they still playing small? What if, all of us--including the self-help industry--have been looking in the wrong direction about how our experience of insecurity, confidence, or any other feeling state, gets created in the first place. And the bigger question: What causes true and lasting transformation?

Their book, Women and Confidence, The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves, is their answer to all of these questions. Indeed, it makes a bold and revolutionary claim--a complete 180 in fact--that confidence is not something we have to achieve, create, or exercise like a muscle, the popular advice espoused by the self-help pundits, but is actually, an innate quality every single one of us possess and not just a few lucky ones.

Learn more about their book here:

In this podcast:

Reflections about looks, “Am I looking good enough”? 

About looks: Thoughts on aging, how to cope with getting older?

The looks are changing, but there is something behind the scene is NOT changing. 

About the labels, we put on ourselves “I am fat/thin/smart/stupid etc…”

Imagine an island where cellulite is awesome…it’s just in our thinking.

Confidence is innate, it is built into us. We are not the “made up” identity we THINK we are.    

The confident woman just DOES things without all the complicated thinking.

Steps to help you feel more appreciated.

Ask for feedback, but don’t mistake it for your value. 

How to get perspective on when you are not being recognized. 

Be aware of the rules we make up for ourselves.

We make up what people think of us. 

A lot of women are struggling with the “good girl syndrome” and also with the "angry woman syndrome".

Taking the temperature of the room. 

Stop worrying about what everybody else is thinking of you. 

The imposter syndrome, it’s just a lot of thinking taking us away from who we really are. 

We live from the inside and not the other way around.

In the end, a small reminder and tip for you to take into your life! 


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are curious to know more.

With love,


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